Herbst (HTH® Telescope)

The Hanks Telescoping Herbst® arm is a telescoping mechanism with the attachment hex screws built into the connecting housings. The housings feature a ball and socket assembly which promotes lateral movement. The HTH® mechanism has a right and left side and is available in four lengths.\n\nHTH® is a registered trademark of American Orthodontics.\n\nHerbst Appliances was the original designer of crowns with the occlusal removed.

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Treatment & Care

Herbst Treatment will last 6-12 months. Activate expander 1-3x per day if present. Screws are integrated into the telescopic arms, and you will be provided with an accompanying hex key. Make sure to dry fit appliance before cementation. You can assemble the components before insertion to prevent loss of a screw. If you screw are back turning ODL recommends purchasing CekaBond which can be applied to the threads and then assembled. Muscle Tenderness – When the patient first gets his or her Herbst appliance, there may be some overall muscle tenderness and soreness of the teeth. As the patients’ mouth adapts to the appliance, the soreness should fade. Tissue Irritation – Because the Herbst appliance is metal, it may cause some slight tissue irritation, especially on the lower gums. It will take time for the patients’ mouth to adapt. Until it does, dental wax can help to ease the irritation. Diet – Eating softer food will help with any muscle soreness, especially after the first week or two after getting the appliance. It is also important to eliminate sticky foods, like candy and gum, or hard, crunchy food, which can damage the appliance and lengthen treatment time.

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