The Fixed Quad Helix is attached to the first molars on either the upper or lower arch. The stainless steel wire is contoured to the arch with 4 helical loops to help stimulate expansion. The sweep arms are contoured to the gingival of the bicuspids and cuspids. The lingual extensions can be extended to the anterior teeth if desired.

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Treatment & Care

1. Activate with a flat nose plier and finger-pressure. 2. Verify activation amount by inserting one retention loop and observing the relationship of the other retention loop to its sheath. 3. Repeat on opposite side to confirm. The treatment goal always determines the amount of activation for expansion, contraction, torque, and rotation. Heavy permanent forces require activation in only small steps: Maximum 8-week activation parameters: expansion and contraction are 3mm rotation is 20 degrees torque is 10 degrees Caution: Maximum 8-week activation parameters should not be exceeded. Over-activation of quad can cause possible root resorption and loss of force-control. Additional resource: MIA Quad Helix System This appliance should be cleaned every day with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, morning and night. Encourage the patient to give sufficient time to clean thoroughly around the appliance, gums, teeth, and bands to maintain proper hygiene and prevent inflammation. 3 minutes is recommended.

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